Select how many RECs you want to contribute.

You can replace your entire household energy consumption with clean renewable energy by clicking one of the links below.

Your donation to the Foundation For Responsible Technology (FFRT) is 100% tax deductible.

FFRT will purchase Renewable Energy Credits equal to the number of credits you select. We will send you a receipt that lists the amount of your donation and the serial numbers of the RECs we purchased with your donation, thus guaranteeing that your energy consumption is coming from renewable sources. Save this receipt for tax purposes.

Then show your friends and family how you replaced all of your energy consumption with renewable energy at a fraction of the cost of installing your own solar panels or wind turbine! They may want to join us too.

We have created donation links for a typical American household (10,000 KwH/yr), a typical household in the Northwest ((12,000 KwH/yr), and for a typical Bainbridge Island household (20,000 KwH/yr), since Bainbridge Island has one of the highest energy consumption rates per capita in the country. You can use these links to quickly replace your energy consumption with renewable sources.

If your household is very energy efficient already and these default values are too high, or if you have a really high energy bill and they are too low, or if you just want to replace some of your energy consumption with renewable energy, use the "Donate Other" button so that you can select an REC replacment amount that fits you specific needs.

1 REC = 1,000 KWh / year.

Average U.S. Household= 10 RECs $175

Average Northwest Hosehold =13 RECs $225

Average Bainbridge Island House = 20 RECs $350

Any amount other than the above. = $ Any Amount

Donate RECs

Your donation of RECs goes a long way!

• ---- 1 REC eliminates 16.25 Barels of U.S. foreign oil dependence.

• ---- 1 REC eliminates 7.12 tons of greehouse gas emissions.

• ---- 1 REC equals the carbon sequestration of 270 mature Maple trees.

• ---- 65 RECs equals the creation of 1 new job within the region.

--- You are the transition to renewable energy ---

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