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The Foundation for Responsible Technology (FFRT) enables individuals, homeowners, and businesses to be part of the pollution solution by participating in the foundation's many conservation and renewable energy programs. We offer a variety of programs for investment in renewable energy technologies that result in a return on investment up to three times faster than any other program available, and our programs for business provide an ongoing supply of renewable energy to your business, completely offsetting your business' energy costs into the future.

Our programs for businesses include the Customer Donation Program (CDP) which helps build goodwill and community support for retail businesses, and we offer the Renewable Energy Grant Program for businesses, which provides funding for businesses to make capital improvements in energy conservation and on-site renewable energy projects, as well as iparticipate in large scale renewable energy projects. Contact us for more information or downlooad our business brochure.

Why The Foundation for Responsible Technology?

Positive environmental impact.

FFRT programs result in powerful positive impact on the environment. Showing individuals and businesses, both large and small, how going green can improve their bottom line, leverages the efforts of all participants in the clean/green energy markets. This helps all of us to accomplish our low impact and conservation goals much sooner and provides multiplied benefits to all of us in our homes, communities, and workplace.

In addition, FFRT is dedicated to fostering the development of new technologies that hold the promise of providing clean and efficient sources of power. Whether it is hydrogen fuel cell development or more efficient internal combustion enegines, if a technology hold the potential to procude more energy and pollute less, FFRT is here to help span the gap between concept and commercial implementation. Our tax advantaged programs multiply through the use of leverage the many incentives, credits, rebates, and write-offs already available at the federal, state and local level.

Increased Revenue

Generally, participants in FFRT programs can avoid the potentially high costs of going green without initial or additional burdens of operation and management. In essence, FFRT green programs fund the costs associated with conversion to sustainable practices.

  • Increase revenue without increasing volume or raising prices.
  • Increase revenue with little or no up front cost.

Tax advantages by using the Foundation For Responsible Technology

  • FFRT is the only provider that guarantees that your voluntary purchase is coupled to a tax advantaged charitable donation and renewable energy investment grant program. This means your money forces utilities to generate more renewable energy and emit fewer tons of greenhouse gases.
  • Receive full tax credits (federal, state, and local) for capital investments in green technologies and renewable energy.
  • Receive federal and state tax write-offs for donation of capital equipment to the FFRT.
  • Receive grants from the foundation for continued investment in renewable energy and green technology.

Pay for capital improvements with no out of pocket costs to your business.

The premium for renewable energy is typically 5-10% above what a business normally pays for energy. FFRT offers your company a way to reduce energy expenditures and generate additional revenue from our green programs.

  • Efficient lighting fixtures and bulbs
  • Efficient plumbing fixtures and hot water tanks
  • Switch to recyclable products
  • Install wind/solar to further reduce costs

All at no added cost to your company!


The cost of Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) ranges depending on your business's energy consumption profile - our team will create a solution that reduces your energy costs, converting such costs into profit for your business. After all, protecting the environment by reducing energy consumption is profitable, and that is what FFRT was created to do. Here are some of the features of our programs:

  • Involving your customers in voluntarily contributing a tiny fraction of their normal bill to environmental responsibility can dramatically improve the loyalty between your company and its customers.
  • The donations made by your customers result in awards of RECs, and grants to your company which pay for capital investments in renewable energy, green practices, and green business supplies for your company.

Minimal interference with your core business operations

FFRT programs are easy to implement, causing minimal disturbance to you normal business activities. FFRT does ALL the heavy lifting to implement your green conversion and the related marketing support programs so you can focus on running your business.

Improved customer relations and improved marketing opportunities

Get noticed for going green. We provide a customized suite of marketing support - press releases, website content, signs, banners, and table tents for your business storefront, or membership organization -

Creates opportunity for a (FREE) company makeover

The “goodwill” generated by participating in FFRT’s clean and green programs has a positive impact on your company’s bottom line. You can then:

  • Advertise your companies environmental awareness.
  • Publicize that your business is powered 100% by green energy .
  • Benefit from increased good will and customer loyalty.
  • Become an industry leader in clean, sustainable practices.

Public Relations

Environmental Points
  • Reduces our dependence on fossil fuels
  • Helps fund new clean energy projects
  • Helps fund new carbon offset projects
  • Raises peoples awareness
  • Reduces GHG emissions

Positive Political Factors

  • A reduction in oil consumption reduces our dependence on foreign oil thus increasing our national security.
  • The money used for oil purchase can now go towards creating new jobs by funding new renewable energy projects and technologies as well as GHG sequestering projects.
  • Creates one less excuse to be at war in the Middle East helps to bring our troops home sooner.
  • Creates more demand thus making it harder to ignore it as a viable substitute to fossil fuels.


--- Be the transition to renewable energy ---

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