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Today's consumers want sustainable business practices. Implementing renewable energy and eco-friendly practices breeds customer loyalty and goodwill. The Foundation For Responsible Technology can help you get there.

FFRT provides energy conservation and recycling consulting, and customer loyalty development solutions.

Going GREEN shouldn't put you in the Red

The Foundation For Responsible Technology works with clients to foster and develop innovative new technologies in a wide range of industries, such as retail, industrial, automotive, and commercial. We not only enable your business to go green by purchasing renewable energy certificates to offset your energy consumprion with renewable sources, we also provide customized solutions and marketing support to help communicate this environmental effort, which does wonders for your company's goodwill and bottom line.

In most cases we can improve your business' profile and status in the community with no added costs. Real-world results prove, there is no better way to improve profits than by helping to preserve and improve the environment which also reducies costs of operations and controls future energy costs for your business. We all want to reduce our dependence on foreign oil which is a major positive effect of the foundation's programs. But, all credible experts agree that energy costs are going to rise steeply in the future as demand out-paces our production capacity. By implementing the foundation's CDP and REGP programs businesses can "lock in" their energy costs using our unique tax advantged model. Below are examples of the creative ways FFRT works with businesses:

  • Expert Consulting

    FFRT will consult with your business at all levels of management and operations to determine the most cost effective strategies for reducing or eliminating dependence on dirty energy. In some cases the total solution may be as simple as acquiring RECs through one of FFRT's tax advantaged renewables donation programs (CDP).

  • In other cases it may be more advantageous to invest directly in renewable energy production through FFRT's tax advantaged grant program (REGP), and community energy programs. The foundation's programs reduce the total capital outlay to ZERO, lock in the total supply of energy for the future, and sometimes even create an additional stream of revenue from the sale of excess power and RECs to others. When the two programs are combined, it is very rare for a business not to see a profit in the first year of implementing an FFRT green energy program. Most business owners share our concern for the environment and want to do their part. But, all too often, the costs associated with implementing effective "green" progams can be a problem. The Foundation For Responsible Technology tax advantaged strategies can tip the scale so that these goals can be achieved.

  • Tax Advantaged Clean/Green Energy

    Through FFRT's Customer Donation program (CDP), companies can collect donation from the public for FFRT. Those donations are then used to fund FFRT's Renewable Energy Grant programs (REGP). Companies that participate in our CDP automatically qualify for grants to make the switch to renewable nergy as we as upgrade their facilities to maximize energy efficiency, reduce pollution, and save a bundle on energy costs and waste. These grants are not taxable to the recipient. But, businesses can still claim the tax benefits for investing in qualifying technologies paid for with grant money. Thus, these programs help businesses to implement sustainable practices without major capital outlays normally associated with such capital improvements.

    The grant pays for the costs, and the business gets the tax credits. The community gets a healthier environment and businesses they are proud to have near their homes. Continued participation in the foundation's programs will eventually qualify businesses for grants to invest in large scale community renewable energy projects. These projects "lock in" energy costs for the future in two ways.

    --- 1 • Since the cost of sunshine, wind, and other renewable sources does not change over time as is expected to happen with oil, gas, and coal, renewable energy will remain relatively stable (subject only to fluctuations in the cost such as capital equipment, maintenance and transportation).

    --- 2 • Businesses invested in large scale renewable energy projects will earn the profits from sales of enrgy in the form of dividends, partnership distributions, or Charitable annuities (depending on the organizational structure of each project) which will offset the energy expenses they are paying to their commercial utility providers(s).

  • As mentioned above, through FFRT's grant program, companies can invest in renewable energy projects and claim the tax incentives offered at the federal, state, and local levels for investments in green technology. However, unlike other facilitators in this industry, because of FFRT's 26 U.S.C. § 501(c)(3) status as a tax exempt private foundation whose stated purpose is the incubation of "responsible" technologies, FFRT can accept donations of such capital equipment from businesses in the form of a charitable annuity trust and thus provide a charitable donation write off that would otherwise not be available while still providing the benefits of the energy production to the participating businesses and the communities they serve. Such donations of capital equipment allow participating companies to obtain full tax credit for having made the investment in green technology plus the charitable donation write off for donating the equipment to FFRT. Here again, your business, the community you serve, and the planet all benefit by participating.

  • Then, FFRT will operate, manage, and maintain the equipment while splitting the benefits with the company through our charitable annuity program, so that the power supplied by the project reduces or elimantes your power costs. Continuation in this program can eventually lead to annuity distributions flowing to your company from the sale of power and RECs in the general energy markets. This results in ZERO energy costs and an income stream from clean/green energy sales which benefits the community by allowing your business to keep costs to a minimum.

  • Equally important to these programs is the fact that by donating the equipment to FFRT, your company will find that the added benefit of not having to operate and maintain the equipment enables you to focus on your core business model without having to manage your own power company. We know this may sound "too good to be true." So, let our team show your company the many ways in which FFRT changes the financial structure of green technology investments. Call us to make an appointment today.

  • Public Relations

    Perhaps the most important and often the most overlooked aspect of investment in clean/green energy and technology is the positive goodwill that is built between your company and your customers. After all, every company's survival is completely dependent on the goodwill of its customers. Case study after case study has shown that the public prefers to patronize and support companies that demonstrate high ethics, good corporate citizenship and an integral dedication to improving living standards for all. In an age of "golden parachurtes," corporate greed, and financial malfeasance at the highest levels, the general public is particularly attuned to those companies that represent integrity, responsibility, and a commitment to core values.

  • Responsible stewardship of the environment ranks as one of the highest priorities for developing your company's reputation and goodwill. The Foundation For Responsible Technology takes that commitment one step further by making your investment in clean and green energy affordable. In addition, every dollar that flows through the foundation goes to work furthering this goal and helps to bring clean energy to other companies, communities, and individuals, along with FFRT's ongoing commitment to assisting with other emerging and"responsible" technologies.

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