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Foundation for Responsible Technology

Our mission is to foster the development of technologies that will promote a healthy society and a healthy planet. This includes further implementation and development of existing sustainable technologies such as wind, solar, geothermal, and hydro power, but also development of emerging technologies such as Hydrogen gas, fuel cells, biomas, waste vegetable oil conversion, plastic to oil, algie to oil, and electric propulsion technologiies.

Future generations will either reap the benifits or pay the price for the choices we make today. That means we are all responsible, collectively and as individuals for the care of our natural resources and environment. At the Foundation For Responsible Technology we believe that when people are given the choice between clean and renewable energy or less eco-friendly energy, they will choose products and lifestyles which are sustainable and minimize adverse effects on our environment.

The Foundation for Responsible Technology was created in 1985 to give people that choice.

Since then we have helped businesses in a range of sectors - as well as households from around the country - make the switch ...

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